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The Tree Of Life

Publishing And Foundation

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To Simplify the World of Publishing Provide Care, Fun and a World of Adventure



Welcome to a new concept of commerce, creativity and charity - everything we do here is to support the Tree of Life Foundation NPO, which is the heart and brain child of our founder, Jonathan. Started in 2010 when Jonathan statrted to help the homeless in London. Since we have expended over 11,100 work hours providing conversational therapy and counselling services, 4,550 assisting animals in need of care and 7,700 supporting children all for free. So far we have expended over 5000 hours helping authors and illustrators become published with our editing, proofing and design services. Additionally, our referral only The Conscious Executive consultancy has also achieved business benefits valued over £25,000,000 throughout the selected organisations worked with.


Our founder Jonathan broadening The Tree of Life's horizons and reach in the world and is recruiting new people and organisations craving opportunity to collaborte with.

Therefore, a newly formed board of executives, who will be introduced in and announced soon. "What we have built here is phenomenal, surpassed my highest expectations and targets. It is with a fondness for the past but a thirst for diversity and to reach further in the world that I am now restructuring our NPO. I am entirely confident in the future and the executives will continue to expand the services we provide. I thank you all for  the dedication, commitment and love you have given." said Jonathan during our recent annual executive gathering.


During this period of change, all our publishing services continue as normal, as does The Conscious Executive consultancy and Casa Dolce Casa. Our counselling services, however, are limited and you can see them here -  


We would like to acknowledge Paul Newman who was Jonathan's sole inspiration when forming The Tree of Life. Paul opened his Hole in the Wall Gang Camp in 1988. Why not take a look here -


We are happy to be independent, loving and daring to be different!

Jonathan & the executives.


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The Tree of Life Publishing & Foundation


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